Lionel Messi will Play Against Ecuador but for Limited Minutes

Lionel Messi will Play Against Ecuador but for Limited Minutes

As excitement was building for Argentina upcoming friendly match with Ecuador, the only question was on every football fan mind was Lionel Messi will play against Ecuador or not? Recent statements from Argentina Coach Lionel Scaloni, and various reports suggest that the decision regarding the involvement of the GOAT star was questionable.

Argentina Coach Strategic Decisions

Lionel Scaloni, the mastermind behind Argentina recent successes has been keeping a secret about Messi playing against Ecuador. In a recent interview Scaloni confirmed that Messi will play against Ecuador, but some reports was suggesting that despite of Messi present in the ground during the match but he will be benched. Scaloni made it clear that Messi is important for upcoming matches and really don’t want Messi to get injured in friendly matches.

Lionel Messi Current Fitness and Performance

Lionel Messi will Play Against Ecuador but for Limited Minutes

Messi shocked his fans with his performance at Inter Miami, as no one can’t stop him.  His recent performance has been nothing short of excitement in his games, making his presence on the ground even more valuable for Argentina upcoming matches. Despite a really busy schedule between matches of Inter Miami, Argentina and travelling, Messi commitment to his national team remains rock solid. His fitness has been a topic of discussion after he joined Inter Miami, but Scaloni statements suggest that Messi is in his best performance time to compete against Ecuador.

Messi Natural Tactical Skills

Argentina gets a tactical edge when Messi plays in the starting line. His vision, football controlling skills, and ability to turn games around singlehandedly are assets for the team he is playing with. Scaloni strategy is to use Messi strengths to defeat Ecuador, who have been a challenging opponent in the past. The team chemistry, attacking power boost by Messi leadership, could make a win against Ecuador.

Fans Reaction and Expectations

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Fans around the world are eagerly awaiting to watch Messi playing against Ecuador. Social media has been showing positive approach for Messi with speculations and excitement. As the news broke that Messi will be playing made fans to take more interest in the match and also increased ticket sales with huge viewership.

Future Preparation for Messi

Argentina is prepares for future tournaments and him paying in friendly matches will be limited as for the upcoming big tournament like Copa America and World Cup qualifiers Messi health will be top priority. Scaloni will keep a close eye on his Health and Performance, If he gets injured then it will effect on the top matches. Currently  Argentina want him more then any other team, his performance should be on top in the International matches.


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