Cristiano Ronaldo Scored 128 and Lionel Messi Scored 106

Cristiano Ronaldo Scored 128 and Lionel Messi Scored 106, Can Messi Beat Ronaldo Goals

Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo made soccer fans happy for many years with their incredible skills and record breaking achievements. Now, one of the most asked question is can Messi beat Ronaldo international goals record. As of now, Ronaldo holds the world record goals of 128, while Messi has scored only 106 goals.

Lionel Messi International Achievements

Messi have great moments playing for Argentina. He won big tournaments like Copa América in 2021 and FIFA World Cup in 2022. These wins made him one of the greatest football players, but he still scored less goals then Ronaldo.

Leo Messi

Games Played and Goal Scored

Messi is just 36 years old and played 176 games for Argentina, he has scored 106 goals in total till now. On the other hand Ronaldo is 39 years old and played 198 games for Portugal, he has scored 128 goals in total. Messi need more 22 goals to beat Ronaldo Goals Score. It is a big challenge but who knows Messi might score more then 128 goals.

Upcoming Matches of Messi

Messi will be playing more games for Argentina, including Copa América tournament in 2024 and FIFA World Cup 2026. These games will help Messi to score more goals. Upcoming matches against teams like Ecuador and Guatemala are give fair chances to score more goals. Adding to it World Cup qualifying matches and friendly matches are also a good opportunity to score goal.

Messi Current Health, Performance and Age

Messi just crossed age 36, his current physical fitness is important for upcoming matches. Despite of current performance his retirement is nearby. He has hinted that he might play FIFA World Cup 2026 if his performance and health is with him at that time, this might give him a forward chance to score a record breaking goals before his retirement.

If Messi want to beat Ronaldo goals record, then he should be focus on few things. In order to give Messi more chances Argentina has to do well in their upcoming matches. He need to focus on his physical fitness and games performance also. Argentina coach can play a important role in set Messi on the field in such a way that he can score more goals.

Ronaldo is in his Best Shape

Ronaldo will be playing more for Portugal and goals are always his target. His physical fitness and passion for football will keep him motivated to score more. As long as is playing Messi will try to beat his score.

Cristiano Ronaldo

Messi and Ronaldo Different Style of Playing Football

Messi and Ronaldo plays differently roles in their teams. Messi is a team player and helping his team members to score the goal with the team work, while Ronaldo always focus on the front attack concentrating on scoring more goals alone.

As Messi and Ronaldo keep shocking soccer fans around the world, International matches will be more interesting to watch. Messi will trying to beat Ronaldo highest goals score, it is not just numbers to beat but also historical moments will get created with it. Every football fan is keeping an eye on Argentina matches to see if Messi can make history again.


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