Cristiano Ronaldo

Cristiano Ronaldo Football Future In His Own Words

Cristiano Ronaldo most loved football player in the soccer history, recently spoked about his future. He clearly told about his plans as he is getting closed to end his amazing football career.

Football Career Near to End

Ronaldo is 39 years old and agreed that he is not having many years left in professional football. This is a honest statement from the Portuguese star, who has been a important figure in the football sports for nearly two decades.

Current Physical Fitness and Performance

Ronaldo is at his Highest Performance level, even though he crossed 39 years of age. He is still playing and scoring goals for both clubs, for Al-Nassr in Saudi Arabia and for Portugal National Team for his home country. His dedication to be physically fit and his competitive playing nature remain rock solid.

Passion to Play Football

Ronaldo clearly shows his love for football. He many time expressed his passion for football as strong as ever, which made him continues to play even harder during matches. This love for football has been a important factor for his long on going career.

His Indication After Euro 2024

Ronaldo has confirmed that he will play Euro 2024 and this tournament might be his last. He will represent Portugal in the tournament and a new chapter will unlock for his international career, which will be historic. His leadership, performance, skills and experience will be valuable for the national team as they will be competing in one of the most Special and Important football event, it might be the last of the tournaments for Ronaldo.

Cristiano Ronaldo Legacy and Future Planes

His legacy is already established with numerous Records, Awards and Recognitions to his name. However, he is now more focused showcasing his game with perfection on the football pitch to make every match a success. After saying goodbye to the Professional Football, He has hinted that he will be either Coaching other teams or Mentoring them.

As Ronaldo is close to his career ending, he is showing more mature mindset as how legendary athlete think at this stage. It shows clearly that the importance of passion and consistence to achieving and maintaining success in sports. Fans around the world will really love the final moments of watching Ronaldo in action, knowing that his time on the field is precious, full of excitement with interesting limited matches.

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