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Zlatan Ibrahimović Clears Path for Joshua Zirkzee Potential Move to Manchester United

Manchester United is trying hard to get Dutch football player Joshua Zirkzee to join their team. Their chances of getting him have increased because Zlatan Ibrahimovic Senior Adviser of AC Milan has said that Milan will not try to get Zirkzee. This is a big deal for Manchester United because they really want to improve their team with more attackers and Zirkzee who currently plays for Bologna could be a great addition.


Joshua Zirkzee who plays for Bologna right now has being noticed by many big European football clubs because he played really well in Serie A. Manchester United is very interested in him and is thinking about paying £34 million to get him to join their team. It is also being said that Manchester United and Zirkzee have agreed on the terms of his contract. So it is becoming more and more likely that Zirkzee will move to Manchester United.

AC Milan Stance

AC Milan new manager Paulo Fonseca was interested in Zirkzee. But Zlatan Ibrahimovic who is the Senior Advisor at Milan, has said that they are not interested in Zirkzee anymore. In a recent interview Ibrahimovic said, “He is the past, As Paulo said, we have another player we are thinking about, but I don’t want to say his name. There is somebody, let see.” This means that Milan is now looking at other players not Zirkzee. This is good for Manchester United because it will be less competition for them to get Zirkzee.

Manchester United Strategic Move

Manchester United is trying to get better at scoring goals. Last summer they got Rasmus Hojlund from Atalanta by paying a lot of money. Hojlund is a good player but he is still learning and isn’t the Top Level striker that Manchester United needs. The manager of Manchester United Erik ten Hag really wants to get more good goal scorers for the team and Zirkzee could be one of them.

Considering the current market of players cost these days, the money they have to pay to get Zirkzee is not too much. This makes Zirkzee a good choice for Manchester United because they are looking for players who are good but should not cost too much.

Potential Impact on Manchester United

If Zirkzee moves to Manchester United he could be really important for the team attack. His experience playing in Serie A and his ability to score goals could make Manchester United team stronger. If Zirkzee joins it would fit with Manchester United long term plan of building a strong team that can compete for the top prizes.

Zlatan Ibrahimovic Influence and AC Milan Future

Zlatan Ibrahimovic has a big role at AC Milan. If he likes or dislikes a player it can really change who the club tries to get. Because Ibrahimovic said that Zirkzee is “the past”, it is now easier for Manchester United to get Zirkzee. At the same time AC Milan is now looking at other players they might want to get. There are rumors that they might be interested in Alvaro Morata from Atletico Madrid.

It is confirmed that Joshua Zirkzee will move to Manchester United and Zlatan Ibrahimovic words have helped this happen. If Zirkzee joins Manchester United could become a lot better at scoring goals, which is great for the next season. As the summer goes on and teams can trade players, it will be interesting to see what happens with this.


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