Serbia Threat to Quit UEFA Euro 2024 due to ‘Kill The Serb, Kill The Serb’

This week, football fans were shocked by Serbia recent threat to quit UEFA Euro 2024. This shocking revelation came after Serbian players were subjected to very offensive chants ‘Kill The Serb, Kill The Serb’ during a match in Hamburg between Croatia and Albania, prompting outrage and driving Serbia football authorities to discuss a nuclear option.

What Happened in Hamburg

Throughout the Euro 2024 qualifier game in Hamburg between Croatia and Albania, Serbia was subject to a litany of provocative chants from a part of the stands. The said chants ‘Kill The Serb, Kill The Serb’ done by Croatia and Albania fans, with whom Serbia has had historical tensions, were judged as being of a highly offending and inflammatory nature. And even the game was tensed because of its nature, the kind of chants added what Serbian players and officials considered an unacceptable layer of hostility.

Response from Serbia

The Serbian Football Association (FSS) was also quick to respond by condemning the chants, stating it was profoundly disappointed and angry because such conduct is not intended for football. The FSS claimed that unless there are quick and decisive moves from UEFA, the governing body of European soccer, concerning the matter, the nation will review its participation in the UEFA Euro 2024 competition.

International Reaction

The international football fraternity has reacted with stunned disbelief and sympathy how Serbia handled the whole situation. UEFA has taken cognizance of the current incident and assured a full investigation into the matter. However, others still need to see concretely what else has been promised to prevent such occurrences.


With the seriousness of the situation to be understood, it is relevant to be placed in the historical context that surrounds the tensions between Serbia, Croatia, and Albania. An uneasy, tense history of ethnic and political conflicts covers this part of the Balkans, with the 1990s, during the Yugoslav Wars. This history left deep scars on people hearts and kept on reflecting relations among the nations.

Calls for Action

The incidents have seen several calls from many international football clubs urging UEFA to be more drastic to ensure such incidents are never witnessed again. Some suggestions to give harsh penalties for offending nations, increased security in matches, stronger anti-racism and discrimination campaigns.

Impact on Euro 2024

The threat of Serbia pulling out of UEFA Euro 2024 has already cast its shadow on the tournament. Serbia is a big competitive team in the tournament, so their pulling out would affect the competition. It also brings the issue of racism and discrimination to a broader level in football—a situation that football bodies like UEFA are fighting against.


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