England vs Netherlands

England vs Netherlands Euro 2024 Semi-Final Showdown

The semi-final match of Euro 2024 between England vs Netherlands is going to be super exciting. Both teams have been playing really well in the tournament. Let us dive into what we might see in this important match.

England vs Netherlands Match Details

  • Date: Wednesday, July 10, 2024
  • Kick-off Time: 21:00 CET
  • Venue: BVB Stadion Dortmund, Dortmund
  • Broadcast: Available on various UEFA Euro 2024 broadcast partners

Team Form and Key Players

England team guided by their manager Gareth Southgate, Team has been playing really well with a strong defense. They had some amazing moments from players like Harry Kane, Jude Bellingham and Bukayo Saka. One of the cool things about this team is how calm they stay under pressure, especially during penalty shootouts. This has been a big part of their success.

The Netherlands team has shown a mix of toughness and style in their journey to the semi-final. Important players are Memphis Depay, Cody Gakpo and the team captain Virgil van Dijk. The strength of their team is not just from forward players, but also in the substitutes who have made a big difference in the games.

England and Netherlands Route to the Semi-Final


  • Group Stage
    • 1-0 win vs Serbia
    • 1-1 draw vs Denmark
    • 0-0 draw vs Slovenia
  • Round of 16: 2-1 win vs Slovakia (AET)
  • Quarter-Final: 1-1 vs Switzerland ( Win 5-3 on penalties)


  • Group Stage
    • 2-1 win vs Poland
    • 0-0 draw vs France
    • 2-3 loss vs Austria
  • Round of 16: 3-0 win vs Romania
  • Quarter-Final: 2-1 win vs Turkey

Tactical Analysis

England strategy is all about having a strong defense, Jordan Pickford is the main guy stopping goals and John Stones and Marc Guéhi are great team-up in the Center Back position. The midfield with players like Declan Rice and the energetic Bellingham will tries to keep control over the ball and set up chances for the forwards to score.

The Netherlands game plan is about having a smooth offense and a strong defense. Players like Denzel Dumfries and Nathan Aké are good at both defending and attacking. The midfield like Xavi Simons leading the way is really important in controlling the speed of the game and helping forwards Depay and Gakpo get chances to score.

Expert Predictions

Joe Terry England reporter, talks a lot about how good England is at defense and how they always step up when it really matters. He thinks that even though the Netherlands are really good at attacking, England strong defense and ability to change their game plan could give them an advantage.

Derek Brookman Netherlands reporter, talks about how many good players they have. He points out that they are really good at changing their strategy when they need to, like in the Quarter Final game against Turkey, where they started playing more directly in the second half.

Coaches Comments

Gareth Southgate coach of England says “Teams like Netherlands usually don’t just defend, that is what we have seen from them. But Ronald Koeman, their coach, knows what he is doing. We are ready for anything. It is going to be a fun game with lots of great players. We need to play even better than we did in our last game. The Netherlands is a really good team but we are ready.”

Ronald Koeman coach Netherlands says “This is a big deal for our whole country. We are a small country and we have made it to the semi-final with big teams like England, France and Spain. We are really proud of this. It was tough, but we are excited about the chance we got to play in a semi-final.”

As the game gets closer, fans from both countries are really excited for a great match. The Netherlands awesome offense will be up against England strong defense. Will Netherlands make it to the Euro final for the first time since 1988 or will England keep going for the win. Well We Will find out when they play the game in Dortmund.


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