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Qatar is preparing to make history by hosting not only their first FIFA World Cup™ but the first-ever to be staged in the Middle East. And the peninsula promises to produce a World Cup like no other. It will be the smallest nation ever to host the global finals, for one, allowing visitors to navigate the country with ease – and even plan for watching multiple matches on the same day. Add to the mix traditional Arab hospitality, and winter weather conditions ideal for watching and playing the beautiful game, and Qatar’s World Cup promises to be one to savour.

The Qatari peninsula shares its only land border with Saudi Arabia, though Bahrain and the United Arab Emirates can be found nearby to the north-west and south-east respectively. It is well used to receiving foreign guests, with a vibrant ex-pat community accounting for 80 per cent of its population. Qatar has also spent recent years constructing some of the most eco-friendly and architecturally advanced sporting facilities ever seen. All will be on show to the world as the greatest show on earth finally lands in the Middle East.

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FIFA World Cup 2022 Opening

21st November 2022


18th December 2022

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Date:- 1 February 2020

Winner:- Uwe Durr (Germany)

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Sixth Draw:- Upcoming

Seventh Draw:- Upcoming

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Eleventh Draw

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Winner - Yet to Announce


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Thirteen Draw:- Upcoming

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Fifteen Draw:- Upcoming

Sixteen Draw:- Upcoming

Seventeen Draw:- Upcoming

Eighteen Draw:- Upcoming

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Twenty Draw:- Upcoming

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